Welcome to Water

WATER (Watershed Association for Training Employment and Resource utilization), New Delhi was founded (1990) by Dr. D. K. Paul as a Service Resource Organization to undertake technology transfer agent on rice based farming system, watershed/rain water management/ rural development, health, and & family care etc. Idea was to take up awareness and implementing key initiatives such as ‘Climate Change adaptation’, ‘Dialogue on Water, Food and Environment’, ‘The Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management for Agriculture’, and meet the Challenge on Water and Food which are making a major concern to both the understanding and the management response to the water crisis as it relates to agriculture, health and environment. WATER is concerned with the overarching developmental and research question for India : how can we grow more food and sustain rural livelihoods with less water in a manner that is socially acceptable and environmentally sustainable manner.

WATER is striving to press the idea of overall development with employment generation activities especially in the high potential backwards states (important for social harmony in Maoist and Naxal affected areas) focusing sustainable productivity improvement with market oriented initiatives with bio regenerating natural resources and its management especially water management on scientific line to further rural industrialization to reduce poverty. It especially focuses on the technical & commercial management aspects and capacity building of NGOs/farmers/ SHGs for area development programs. The Association initially worked only at Hazaribagh Jharkhand, till 1996 and subsequently registered as an All India non profit research cum developmental Association at National Capital Territory of Delhi vide Reg. No.S-33251 of dated 13.7.1998, to enlarge its philosophy, ideas, activities & objectives.


i)Technologies for rainwater management on catchment scale with location specific details about capacity, size and location of water harvesting tank in sub-humid dry lands of Chhotanagpur.

ii) Supplemental irrigation methodologist for rice and rice-based cropping systems with details of variety for different land situation with duration and frequency of irrigation schedule for life saving irrigation.